PINCH ME GLASS / orange peel + white pepper + white cedar


The collaboration between KAH Glass’ Katie Ann Houghton and our own Vianney Hunter marked the inevitable symbiosis of two creative spirits. Brought together through Newtown’s network of makers, the duo mused on their mutual affinity for functional, authentic pieces that capture a raw, handmade quality.

Blown, pinched and poured by hand, the highball Pinch Me Glass epitomises contemporary yet playful design. Inspired by Katie’s gregarious aura, the glass’ light sandy tint beautifully amplifies the flame’s glow.

At once curious, lively and just a little bit sexy, the scent housed within combines citrus mist with muted white pepper over a cooling white cedar base.

Once you’ve burned down your candle, clean and reuse your Pinch Me Glass to sip your drink of choice. Our pick? Ari’s Natural Wine, naturally.


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