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HUNTER CANDLES are a local, hand made business from Newtown, Sydney. We draw our inspiration from the natural surroundings of our suburb, the art-filled streets and importantly from the people who influence our life with their love and creativity. 

Each scent has its own personality, and is individually curated to match the mentor that inspired it. Our vibe is clean, earthy and simple. 





We endeavour to provide a candle that fills your space with a gentle and earthy scent, which is also attractive within your home. 

Our materials are cotton wicks, and cardboard packaging. Our packaging is Australian made, using 80% recycled materials. We pick our signature magnolia leaves for each Hunter Candle from the trees of Newtown and attach them to our hand made bows. Our glassware is of the utmost quality, chosen for reusability. We like to grow cuttings in ours.

Our soy candles are hand poured using Ecosoya wax, which is biodegradable and free from pesticides. They are palm oil free, contain no genetically modified material or petroleum, and are manufactured using pure soy beans. Our candles use full fragrance, which is non-toxic, containing no petrochemicals, phthalates or parabens.


The maker

Our founder and creator, Vianney Hunter

Hunter Candles founder and creator Vianney Hunter is as raw and intriguing as her signature scents.

Never seen without her hat and black cape, Vianney is obsessed with the graffitied streets and back alley ways of Newtown – the back drop to many impromptu Hunter Candles photo shoots. "I find the streets contagious. They have this crazy energy, full of life and lust. Yet everything still feels so simple here, and everyone feels so connected".

This perfect tension between the chaos and the calm runs through Vianney's blood. Growing up, Vianney's mother was an interior designer and photographer. "I remember our house always being full of enormous candles. They were everywhere. Mum use to style them in and amongst a million plants and branches. When I look back at that now, I feel like my Hunter Candles are a snapshot of those rooms".






We truly hope you enjoy the scent and experience of your candle, as much as we enjoy creating them.