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From humble beginnings in a Newtown backyard to a light-filled industrial enclave on King Street, Hunter Candles remains a true embodiment of the creative energy and distinct community culture that courses through our art-filled streets. Every Hunter Candles blend is born from a moment in time, a memory, a muse - a scent undiscovered, yet somehow intoxicatingly familiar.

Drawing inspiration from every corner of consciousness, the Hunter Candles collection is destined to inspire, surprise and excite. Whether you want to revitalise and reawaken the senses, soothe the soul or spark desire within, Hunter Candles serves evocative, down-to-earth scents that are utterly unique.

Here at Hunter Candles, we know the perfect candle has the power to completely transform your mood. Whether you want the weight of the world lifted, or a scent to celebrate a special moment, we’re obsessed with creating olfactive experiences that’ll have you feeling f*cking amazing.


Gritty, intriguing and inherently grungy, Hunter Candles embodies everything founder, creator and maker Vianney Hunter is about.

Her obsession with the graffiti-streaked streets and industrial back alleyways of Newtown underscores the creative ethos hand-poured into each and every candle. "I find these streets contagious. They have this crazy energy, full of life and lust. Yet everything still feels so simple here, and everyone feels so connected." This interconnectedness to community is at the heart of Hunter Candles.

When developing a new scent, Vianney combines nostalgic earthen tones and raw textures with inspiration drawn from the mentors, makers and memories that colour her world. Passionate about preserving the art of candle-making, each candle is brought to life with two bare hands - and promises to remain this way. More than just a scent, Hunter Candles is a true olfactory experience.

Sartorially-minded from the start, Vianney grew up surrounded by beautiful objects thanks to her mother’s career as a photographer and interior designer. "I remember our house always being full of enormous candles. They were everywhere. Mum used to style them in and amongst a million plants and branches. When I look back at that now, I feel like Hunter Candles are a snapshot of those rooms." 

It’s Vianney’s honed eye for design and addition to beautiful aromas that combine to create a truly extraordinary approach to scent. A subversive, androgynous and effortlessly sexy approach that we know will have you just as addicted to Hunter Candles as we are.


Hunter Candles is perfect for those looking to make more mindful candle choices without compromising on aroma or aesthetic.

We take conscious steps to minimise waste wherever possible, and meticulously select materials of the highest quality to create each of our candles.

Housed within your Hunter Candle, you’ll find pure cotton wicks and hand-poured soy wax that’s both biodegradable and pesticide free. You can burn your Hunter Candle with confidence knowing that our pure soy bean wax is also free from palm oil, petroleum and genetically modified materials (phew!).

The robust aroma that unfurls from your Hunter Candle comes down to our exclusive use of full fragrance. Aptly named, full fragrance is free from any toxins, petrochemicals, phthalates and parabens - ensuring nothing nasty comes between you and your favourite candle burn. 

Every component of your Hunter Candle is thoughtfully considered, including our signature packaging. We choose premium glassware renowned for its strength and lustre - glassware that you can’t help but reuse. Once your final burn is complete, simply return to our studio with your empty Hunter Candle glassware to recycle or refill it with another pour in your preferred scent. 

All cardboard collateral we receive from suppliers is repurposed into our own Hunter Candles packaging, so you can feel good knowing that everything within your parcel has already been recycled and can be recycled again.