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R&R of a different kind.

With overwhelming support from the Hunter Candles community, we proudly offer two new ways to continue the life cycle of your empty candle glasses. 

Keen to recycle your empty glasses without succumbing to the abyss of your at-home recycling bin? Bring back your empty Hunter Candles glasses (nice and clean, please!), and we’ll recycle it. The best part? You’ll receive a 10% discount to drop on your next purchase with us.

can’t bear to be without your favourite scent? Bring back your empty Hunter Candles glass and we’ll refill it! You can choose from any of the signature range scents. One refill is $35. You're saving $14, and saving the glass.

Newtown: drop your candles off to our King St store, we refill, and text you within 2-3 days after your candle has been poured and cured to pick up, and take home!

The Strand: drop your candles off to The Strand store. We take these refills once a week to King St, to pour and cure. We will text you within 7 days to pick up your special refills. Enjoy!