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The Culinary Collection draws inspiration from – and explores in tantalising new ways – the deeply sensorial experience of dining.

Food, much like scent, has the power to transform, transport and unite. A nuanced flavour combination can transform even the simplest of meals. A nostalgic dish can transport even the most epicurean diner to a childhood memory. And nothing brings family, friends and future flames together quite like a table laden with plates to share.

It’s these collective culinary experiences that inspired us to explore taste through an olfactive lens. In every chapter of creator Vianney Hunter’s journey, food has played a pivotal role. From experiencing an eclectic variety of cuisines from a young age, to finding her kindred spirit in a chef; from the heart and soul of homegrown produce, to the creativity that comes alive in kitchens every night; every culinary moment – both ours and yours – serves as mouthwatering inspiration.

From the familiar smell of freshly baked bread, to sweetly herbaceous tomato, sparkling lemon and smoked spices, the Culinary Collection features four new scents to awaken your senses, whet your appetite and elevate every dining experience.


There are few experiences more mouthwatering than the first hints of freshly baked bread wafting through the air. As warm, familiar and comforting at its namesake suggests, No. 1 Baked Bread unfurls in folds of buttery soft and subtly sweet layers. Inspired by the simple – yet satisfying – pleasure of pulling apart a chunk of crusty home-style bread, No.1 serves as a reminder to savour those little moments of bliss whenever and wherever they’re served. And just like when we’re taking a seat at our favourite restaurant, this is one course we’ll never skip.

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A tantalising blend of fresh sun-ripened tomato, aromatic green basil and bittersweet fennel dances across the palate and permeates the air. Whether you’re dining under or simply dreaming of sunny skies, No. 2 Tomato, Basil & Fennel captures the carefree confidence of this classic summer combination. The perfect accompaniment to alfresco soirees, this effervescent flavour profile embodies all the beauty of letting simple ingredients shine. Revel in the burst of joy No. 2 brings to each moment, and know that you’ll always be coming back for another taste.

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A sparkling cocktail of citrus and verdant leafy greens all but guarantees a deliciously good time. No. 3 Lemon Tree is a confident, invigorating blend of bright lemon leaf, zesty skin and the juicy pulp within. Akin to a kiss from the sun – or the bitter candied lemon skin on your mate's signature drizzle cake – No. 3 pays homage to the joie de vivre of a balmy afternoon spent with good food and great company. Just as a squeeze of lemon instantly lifts any dish, No. 3 is set to inspire and delight – day and night.

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A sensory experience like no other, No. 4 Smoked Chilli is bold and unapologetic. Inspired by the fastidious artform of smoking food – from reverently stoking woodchips to faithfully guarding the flames – this spicy blend layers sweet charred capsicum and smoky paprika over the sharpness of whole chillies. Not for the faint of heart, but a delicious experience for those with a daring palate, No. 4 conjures the intoxicating headiness of low ‘n slow barbecue heat – sans the hard work.

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