A true work of art, the Pinch Me Dome is the embodiment of countless notebook scrawls (and wines) in collaboration with KAH Glass. Irresistibly tactile, the Pinch Me Dome is a contemporary ode to the universal beauty of the female form.

A pinched top is housed betwixt graceful curves and arcs, with each piece individually hand-blown to ensure a truly bespoke finish.

Lift from the top of your Pinch Me Dome to reveal the luxurious and nuanced notes of your Hunter Candle housed within. Use: Place over your desired Hunter Candle to encase the scent.

Covering your candle with the Pinch Me Dome will also prevent unwanted particles from dropping into the wax.

Care: Clean your Pinch Me Dome delicately by hand in warm, soapy water.


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