Do you want to let Mum know, you appreciate her always answering your calls? Say thanks, for never making you feel bad for bringing the washing over? Or raiding the fridge?

We have bundled together some seriously thoughtful gifts to make Mum smile. When surprising her with one of these special candles you can let her know, each and every one has been hand-poured, hand-packaged and made by one girl in Newtown, who loves her Mum!



We created a bouquet like no other to ensure she know’s she’s special.

NUTURE // Natives will surround your space with the essence of Australia, the feeling of home.
DELICATE // Daisy will invoke an elegant delight, simply beautiful in aroma.

Your duo are hand poured soy wax candles, each accumulating up to 30 hours burn time. And they come wrapped to the nine's! You can say you did it, we don't mind :)





The ultimate gift, that will guarantee you're off the hook for at least 6-12 months!

Let us spoil Mum, with the gift that keeps on giving. Candle, after candle, after candle. We will curate a sensory dream for your mum. Every month, she will be surprised with a new scent to match the season! Beautifully wrapped of course. We can even hand write a note for you, each month! The best part, it's a bargain at $35 per candle! (RRP $45). Hmmm, yes please!

$35 a month


Mother’s Day Collaboration with Chiswick Woollahra

We have teamed up with Chiswick Woollahra to create this special collaboration candle.

A change of season saw us visit the behind the wrought iron gates at Chiswick Garden. We were lucky enough to be guided through the seasonal greens by Chef François Poulard. We were introduced to the newest members of the garden bunch, the Chiswick Native Bee’s, and their Hive.

These bountiful bee’s influence the taste of their honey from what is growing around them. We tasted the hived honey that was nested next to a bush of Australian Thyme. Instantly, we could taste leafy notes, accompanied by sweet florals, and of course golden honey. We wouldn’t have this unique candle scented any other way.

If you’re looking to send Mum into a Native Honey Bee and Thyme treat, this Chiswick candle is a sweet surprise.



Australian Handmade Ceramic Burner + Melts

Is your Mum a little fancy? After something to complement the room that can be reused over and over?

We have teamed up with a local ceramicist and designed an all Australian, soy wax melt burner, or oil burner. This unique and hand-thrown piece is a limited edition, and too cute not to have sitting on your table. We couple it with a strip of our hand-poured scented melts, so all Mum has to do is light, and enjoy!



One Special Candle

Of course, one hand-poured candle, using the most beautiful blends of plant oils, the best quality soy wax, and clean burning cotton wicks will be enough to warm any heart.

This Mother's Day if you were to choose one candle for Mum, we would like to recommend Deborah // fig tree. Deborah was named after our creator, Vianney’s, mum. This scent is classic. With layers of the fig tree’s leaves, fruit, and florals around the base of the tree, a well rounded, sophisticated scent will fill the space, and instantly invoke a breath out.




After that extra little something to show mum, you definitely didn't forget.. Mum's getting a bespoke candle!

Let us name the candle after mum. Just head to any candle online, and when selecting, choose ‘Name’. Where our names are on the candles, this will now be you mum's name! We will also pop this on the back of the packaging. Favourite child? In the bag.




Unsure of the scent that Mum will just gush over?

Not a problem my friend, we have an e-gift card that are economically friendly, and decision free! Let Mum pick her favourite scent. We can even guide her! This gift, is always a goodie. PS. it never expires. Woo!

From $25