THE  CAVE // A collaboration with Hunter Candles x Belinda Tee.

Belinda is a local ceramicist from St Peters. Belinda's creations are unique, earthy and simple. We were drawn to the individuality of each piece in Belinda's collection, we quickly found ourselves covering our kitchen in the "Earth Plates", which brought us together to create THE CAVE. 

Belinda’s love for ceramics began when, as a child her father would return from work in Japan, and gift her ceramic tea sets... what continues her joy is the beauty of making things from scratch and the art of slowing down. We wanted to create something unique, imperfect, earthy yet delicate. The Cave is made from all Australian materials, and has a charming character. 

THE CAVE is a burning vessel for our hand poured soy melts And can also be used for oils. Use a tea light to generate the heat, to slowly let the soy wax and plant oils fill your space. Each burner is hand thrown, and created with Australian natural materials. Enjoy your individual CAVE in any space, he's very handsome. 

How big is he?

9cm x 6.5cm

What is he made of? 

x Keanes Lumina Porcelain (Australian) for the base

x Feeneys Dark Stoneware (Australian) for the melt dish

x Food safe glaze

How do I care for him?

x He is ok in the dishwasher, oven and microwave safe.

x He can withstand temperatures up to 1250 degrees celcius.

x The best way to clean him, would be to hand wash in soapy warm water.

Tips + Tricks

x Careful! He get's hot! Avoid trying to move THE CAVE after you have had him burning. 

x Drop the Tea Light in from the top to avoid having the flame blackening the opening of THE CAVE. If that happens, just wash off with warm soapy water. 

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