CHRISTMAS // nutmeg + cinnamon + smoke

CHRISTMAS // nutmeg + cinnamon + smoke


spicy + sweet + woody + smokey

The perfect combination of naughty and nice, this Christmas night inspired candle is filled with nutmeg, cinnamon, tobacco, pine, ginger, lemon and cedar.

This candle is designed to be burnt on Christmas night. It’s layers of cinnamon will invoke your memories of indulging on dessert. It’s woody and earthy cedar, and pine notes will comfort, and the pinch of citrus will refresh and invigorate.

A gift to yourself, or a thoughtful gift for a special someone to enlighten their day.

Our candles are hand poured using Ecosoya wax, made using pure soy beans. The wax is biodegradable and free from pesticides, palm oil, petroleum and GMOs. Our candles use full fragrance, which is non-toxic.

300g / 40+ burning hours

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