ACRE COLLAB // lemon bark + myrtle + white lavender + sage

ACRE COLLAB // lemon bark + myrtle + white lavender + sage


Introducing, Acre x Hunter Candles.

Lemon Bark + Myrtle + White Lavender + Sage

Acre is a farm to table restaurant, located on the old Camperdown Bowling green. They have transformed the space into an inner-city farm and their food celebrates this.

Being local, we have spent many afternoons in the Acre garden. It was fantastic being inspired by the abundant fresh produce to create this beautiful candle.

Together Executive Head Chef Gareth Howard and I, pinched and smelt all different types of flowers and leaves in the garden, I tasted and indulged in their experience.

When you visit Acre, you feel at home, yet amazed and special at the same time. Our candle together does exactly that. Refreshing and tasty lemon myrtle, coupled with the bark from lemon tree’s shows it’s bright light and farmhouse feel. We adde din some sweet and calming white lavender, found from one of the many lavender species in the garden. Then, topped off with Sage leaf, inspired by how welcoming and of course green Acre is.

Large / 300g / 40+ burning hours

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