212 BLU COLLAB #2 // coffee + tobacco

212 BLU COLLAB #2 // coffee + tobacco


Coffee is a staple in Vianney's life, her brew of choice is the Macca Latte poured by 212 Blu in Newtown. 212 has a cool vibe. Whether its the ruggerd barista or your sexy smashed avo selection, you'll be going back for more. 

Cass and Tobin are the minds behind this belter of a cafe. Besides being the essence of cool, they are super down to earth. We have together captured both of them, and 212 Blu in candles. Cass and I met at Hunter Candles studio over a tumbler of champagne and talked. After getting to know the guys we landed on two scents.

Coffee + tobacco... this is TOBIN x 212 BLU. Mysterious, manly and smooth. 

Large / 300g / 40+ burning hours

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